Reporting ATC

I’ve been reported on level 2 violation unfairly by the ATC !

Requested a pushback which was approved, did so and requested taxi to runway 16 from Zurich. Was granted clearance and started my taxi until another aircraft literally just entered my taxi way head on and came in and went through me and then pushed him/herself back. I just hit my breaks till full stop. Wanted to report the player but couldn’t and I don’t know why I can’t report the player. The ATC asks me to do a 180 which I cannot as an aircraft is on my left parked and this dudes aircraft nose is touching my aircraft (was so annoying) I wanted to send the ATC that I’m un able to do a 180 as there’s no space so either the other aircraft moves back, or I take a right turn and taxi in that direction. I sent a correction and standby and taxied to the left then I was given a violation.

I’d like to report the ATC for not managing and monitoring the traffic prior to this incident taking place and also for requesting me to do something that is not doable. My only exit was to take a right turn.

Kindly I request the violation and report to be removed and restored to 0. Thank you


Can you check your logbook to see who your controller was? I recommend PMing them first, as they will know more about the situation then we do.

Additionally, you can also PM @appeals with your replay if you can’t solve the issue with the controller.


@Edoardo_C is your guy


@MoeIbz Send me a message, please.

I would also contact @appeals

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That’s my job to include appeals into the private message.