Reporting ATC

I have just been forced to make 2 go arounds because of the mistakes that the tower controller at WSSS has made. How can I report them for it?

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I recommend firstly reaching out to the controller/s involved and get there side of the story. As a fellow IFATC controller, we won’t send a command without a reason, and even though they are IFATC controllers, we are all human and we all make mistakes.

My best advice is reaching out to the controller and discuss with them.


Are you sure that they made mistakes? Traffic is crazy hectic right now with the new update released so go arounds arent going to be uncommon. Contact @KSJCRampAgent and settle it with him to find out what happened.


Singapore has over 100 arrivals right now. Small mistakes are to be expected even from professional IFATC controllers. It seems to just be very unlucky that these mistakes involved you twice. Edit: It may not of even been the controllers mistake.


We don’t need to speculate what happened. The OP just needs to contact the controller involved and I’m sure they will have an explination for them.


Yes, they let an aircraft onto the runway when I was on short final twice. But thanks, I will bear the traffic volume in mind when contacting them