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It is getting really frustrating over the last months to try use a controlling environment however controller is not attending at all creating a mess or giving totally unjustified instructions… As pilots getting reported feel that it’s right for the same procedure to apply both ends. Is there such option?


Hello, what server it this on? If it’s not expert we can’t do anything.

I’m assuming the issue occurred on the Training Server. It is highly unlikely to have happened on Expert as IFATC are well trained and follow strict rules. If it happened on Training Server, then the ATC does not have the ability to report you.


Faced Both on expert and training

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On training, you need to deal with it. On expert, sometimes it looks like a mess, but the controller might trust pilots on the ground to be professional when taxiing and focus on tower.

If something like that happened on Expert, maybe find the IFATC here on the forum and PM them about the situation.


Short answer to the question, no, but if you get the controllers name you can pm him and a IFATC recruiter about it

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Thanks but wouldn’t be correct for us to have such option?

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Currently, there is no option to report an ATC in game, and there likely never will be. IFATC go through a testing process, and are constantly evaluated, so they can report. Pilots are not, so they cannot report.

As @Bmorera8 said, if you have a problem with an expert server controller, send them a DM here on the forum. There’s nothing that can be done by complaining publicly and putting us all into one category of bad.

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People would abuse it if Approach gave them a instruction they didn’t like it ground didn’t let them taxi to their choice of runway


No. Frankly, IFATC go through a process to get where they are, pilots don’t. Pilots would most definitely abuse the system.

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By asking an option i do not put everyone on the same category, I surely have nothing personal with anyone. But appreciate you do understand how annoying this is.

On the Training Server it’s absolutely frustrating… about as frustrating as pilots not following instructions lol. We all need to cooperate in order for the system to work and for everyone to have fun.

Sure, there is a big mess… but i think that there pilots can be reported by higher level pilots.

Grade reflects how often you play, not skill or trustworthiness. I’ve had to ghost people who are grade 5 because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Your best bet to get a good experience, is to fly on expert. Rules are much more regulated there, and people are (generally) better pilots.

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On training, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t listen to their instructions (or lack of).

On expert, listen to the instructions, the ATC knows what’s best.

Sure, fully agree here. I hold lvl 5for the last year at least which is not easy at Expert environment.

IFATC are trained and tested extensively with recency checks to ensure competence in their controlling ability. Moreover, the report option given to IFATC is purely used to keep professionalism on the Expert server and is monitored and regulated by staff, so abuse of this system would result in removal from IFATC. Also if there are any complaints about the IFATC, the controller at the time will be notified and will improve on mistakes. Personally, if you PM me about my controlling, I’d definitely get back to you on what went wrong, as I’m always open to improvement.

If pilots were also given the power to report, then one of two scenarios will happen:

  1. Pilots do not agree with the instructions given by ATC and since there are more pilots than ATC, ATC will be over-reported. This leads to abuse of the power to report, which ruins the purpose of ATC.
  2. Pilots will be required to do a flight test to show competence and maturity before entering the Expert server. But this will be lengthy, and will be against the purpose of Infinite Flight in general.

Therefore, it’s not the best idea to have an ATC reporting feature. The current system works, and if complaints about how the airport is controlled in Expert server are made in a mature, professional method, there is no doubt that your complaints will be considered and certain actions be taken so that un-professional ATC be rectified.

As for the Training Server, the name speaks for itself, so you can’t expect much.


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