Reporting ATC

Does anyone know whether it is possible to report ATC in expert server or give them some sort of warning? Just tried to land twice in Abu Dhabi and had to go around twice due to ATC error (clearing other aircraft for takeoff when I was less than 2 miles out)… I was told to maintain slowest practical speed but I was already flying 140kts which is more than slow for a 787-10…

Contact the controller controlling. Also our job is extremely stressful so please do not come on here and complain about us.


IFATC are human, they will make mistakes as well, sorry for your experience.
If you would like to discuss this matter further you can pm the controller (name can be found in replay) but please be polite and civilised.

find the name of the Controller in the replay and then PM them to sort this issue please…

You’re looking for @Plane-Train-TV. Please send him a PM with your feedback, as that’s the best way to keep controllers accountable to pilots for their quality of service.

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