Reporting ATC spammer @KSFO

User-814790 spammed the approach frequency 67 times in a row requesting a non active approach. I apparently don’t have permission to report in app. He needs to be kicked to the casual server. Made it impossible to control.


If this is on training server then there’s nothing that can be done, sorry!


Unfortunately, since it was Training server, there is nothing we can do. If the problem persists, contact a mod.

Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done. Don’t be to upset. SFO ATC on Training Server was a mess today. I had 5 people who literally made me so angry.

Only one person needs to comment.

Everyone else, don’t get yourself involved, as the message has already been said.


Lmao and this guy’s Grade 4. If this is true, he/she needs to be booted.

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Never judge grade over skill.

In a case such as long term spammers mainly in a training environment, offensive callsigns/display names, and on the Exper Server: trolling with intentions especially in a ATC scheduled environment, then it is possible to contact a moderator stating the facts to them. They will only report if they think it is necessary, and have the proof with them. So for example they will not ghost a spammer if he has left the game, or is not spamming when they go on the frequency.


Well why shouldnt we. If you are Grade 4 you are expected to have a certain professional mannerism. I am not saying you know the real world procedures but act professional. Being Grade 4 isnt very easy. Keeping that landing count gives you lot of experience. You should at least be aware of your surroundings and MUST know how to behave in any server.

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It’s worth noting this is one of most common problems I’ve found on the training server. People that book a flight plan into or request a non active runway. Then when given an “expect vectors for (active rwny)” they ignore, or keep requesting or just change freq.
I think if we’re just going to ignore ATC then why have it? Should be able to kick those people to casual server…

Swipe his name and it will remove them from the frequency

It does not remove them from the frequency. If they send a command, even if it is a readback, the airplane will return to the list.

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Oh, didnt realise that disregard my message above.