Reporting at CYYZ

Hello- I was just reported while approaching CYYZ. I tuned approach frequency and made my initial call inbound requesting a visual for any runway. I was then reportedly for not following altitude and speed restrictions? I wasn’t in class bravo and had no prior instruction to maintain a heading, alt, or speed. Any ideas on why I was reported?

Hi Alex, if you have the name of the controller please try to sent him a private message.


in the logbook that is on the home screen, if you get, you leave all flights, in which you have jn report, select it and there should leave, reason and the ATC put the report

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are you the one that Took off from a gravel field in an airliner?


I usually contact Approach as soon as I can, and then contact the Tower once I join the pattern. Try doing that and maybe, if they were, controllers wouldn’t get confused.