Reporting an Expert Server Troll

Hi, I’m wondering how I can go about reporting a troll on expert server. If a mod/staff sees this, they can go ahead and turn this topic into a pm.

I don’t know where to report one, I would message @ moderators, but they are all busy, and I would message @reports, but I wasn’t reported. I have video evidence and I’m working on uploading my replay. The user in question, callsign Singapore 350, display name CPT S, was trolling me and another pilot on expert server at WSSS by buzzing us while landing, and speeding ahead of us onto the runway to force us to go around. Unfortunately I can’t say the name of the other pilot who was trolled, as their display name was User-xxxxxxxx, and they are likely not here. The troll was buzzing us in an F-16 and at one point, parked on the runway just as the other pilot was landing, and he then tried to take off, but got stuck in the ground, so he ended the flight (thankfully). I have some footage of him flying through me and near me while I was landing visually, and I would like to make sure this troll doesn’t get away with trolling.

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If there wasn’t much of someone to enforce a rule, nothing much to do. The only people who can do so are IFATC supervisors, mods and staff.

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I can give evidence for a report to be issued, can’t I?

Moderators can deal with this. Hopefully they will see this or go ahead and PM them