Reporting a user

Alrighty, the Thai event that my Deputy @Thomas_Ralph came up with and it is in full swing! I’d like to report a user whom has attempted to impersonate me in a Thai A380 by using the same callsign that I have, Thai 01 Heavy. One thing he doesn’t know is that he has a different display name. After the flight is over I can come through with some screenshots. :D
His display name is Trevor Miller and it is annoying. More info available.

You can’t really report a person for using the same callsign as you.


This isn’t grounds for a report. Sorry.


However it is a large event and we have another swarm of aircraft following us. It is confusing to who they’re meant to following. Also @ogilbey Happy Birthday!

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Reporting a user is something you do within the app, not on the community forum.

I’d also like to say that isn’t near report-worthy. It really isn’t impersonation when they have the same call sign. Reporting should only be used when the user is purposely trolling (flying into you), etc.