Reporting a user

Morning All been on training server EGLL ATC tower and have had this one guy listen to nothing made few people having to go around n was just a nucience I have photos what can I do to rep him ? Switched in and out of session in different aircraft multiple times

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When it’s on Training Server, there’s nothing we can do sadly.


Oh thanks anyway was just a pain n I think tryna cheat landings to get to G3 just a heads up for IFATC etc in this user quite a pin


Its the training server, things like that are common and quite annoying. Just wish those pilots would remain on casual server when doing that.

ATC on the TS cant report anyone, so as he said above not really anything you can do. 🙂

Yeah tbh that’s what I do when I don’t feel like flying far or anywhere just circle airport land with vectors so I know I ain’t gonna do anything wrong still even if it’s still casual server

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I’ve seen this guy on TS at KSFO. Took off as I was crossing the runway without permission and with spoilers on. Sadly nothing can be done.

If he is causing a major nuisance to others, then in exceptional circumstances, you may contact a moderator, they will be able to take action if necessary.

There’s nothing you can do, however, if you would like to see some higher levels of professionalism, might I suggest you join IFATC. We’d be happy to have you!😁

While what everyone has said above is true, (there’s nothing you can do) there is a thing you could do if you become a IFATC controller. I would check through the #atc categories pinned topics. Hope you think about it!

This would’ve been a problem if it happened on the “expert” server.

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