Hello everyone, just to let you know yesterday some disrespectful person has gone and reported me for “flying too quick”. I was only going 230kts. I was a grade three but thanks to that ignorant disrespectful person I’m now a grade 2 again. I’m not happy and I would like to know why someone can report you for “flying too fast” but actually only flying 230kts.


Hey, check your logbook to see who the controller was.


Ok will do

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I would go into your replay and play it back - were you told at any point by ATC to reduce your speed…(ie to no greater than 200kts).

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All reports by the ATC are well justified. As said above check your replay for the reason and take this up in pm with the controller. Most probable cause for this is that might have received a speed restriction by the controller and might not have followed it leading to a ghosting. While on approach the speed should be around 200-210 knots.
Hope this helps


Not only is that recommended, but it helps you to prepare for a buttery/greasy landing.


Guys, no need for speculation until he gets back to us.


Nope. I wasn’t told to reduce my speed

Sorry about this everyone, I was just quite angry because now I’m a grade 2 but I was a grade 3😕. Have a nice day everyone.

If your ghosting was unfairly given it can be reversed. So if you feel it is unfair you should contact the controller and he can discuss with you about your ghosting.

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If you haven’t already, message them and please be POLITE. Not like your original comment.

I was ghosted a few months ago and this was even my fault as I was accidentally tuned into the wrong ILS on final and started to turn into another aircraft landing parallel to me. Very stupid I know, it had been a long day.

I private messaged the controller and basically just told him the situation and that it was my mistake and I take full responsibility. He was amazing and friendly and immediately reversed it as he could see it was an honest mistake.

So please be friendly and don’t try to argue because it will only make matters worse.

Hope this helps and good luck 😊


I can confirm the above experience as well; even when I made a blatant error and couldn’t disagree if my ghost wasn’t reversed— it was to my pleasant and most sincerely appreciated way.

I too went from Grade 3 to 2; but went back to three once reversed; so please do your part and respectfully make contact (without the accusations of your initial post here) and you too could be surprised.


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Find the ATC that ghosted you on here.

I was reported because I was descending to 5,000 ft to slowly.
I was trying not to stall so I was descending slowly but wasn’t told to expedite altitude change.


Sorry to hear that.

If you feel the report was unjustified, you should privately message the controller on frequency at the time or the @reports group.

Have your replay ready and consult this thread for more information.


Please contact the controller via PM. Please have your replay file handy.