I have to send a PM a IFATC J Rogers

If youve sent a pm? Or do you want to send a pm?

I want to send, sorry

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PM @moderators and they will set up a PM if your Trust Level is too low or if you can’t find the IFATC Member on here or check this list

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He is a member (TL2) so it isn’t a problem

I think we should let an IFATC member help you out here

@Jake_Rogers is your guy. If you can’t PM him, he will see the tag next time he is online

Edit: it’s not actually… This account hasn’t been online since march. Perhaps a member of IFATC can put you in contact


Is that him?

I can’t seem to find him.

@Jake_Rogers is the controller what it is according to this

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As already stated

@Carlo-Espino10 Apologizes for all of these people going off track over an over again. I’ll reach out the the controller to get in touch with you ASAP.