I just got reported by Tim beckmann for improper arrival stuff but I all did was ask for an approach once and he denied my entry so I waited and tried again and he just reported me.
Is there any way to take it back??
Btw I did depart from Egkk to egll

Just PM @Tim_B and he will help you.

@Tim_B I believe this is the person to PM. He has been notified. Sorry for the spam mate lol, I paused sending the message for a few seconds lol and waited.

That’s probably why you were reported. But message @Tim_B 👍

Tough Luck. Notam in-app says you can’t fly between London Airports.


How was I supposed to know that?

The big red circle 👍


Ohh that’s what that means

Good to know

When you see a big red circle in game at an airport or over a city like London. Click on it and it will tell you certain rules like no flying between London airports. Failure to comply with these rules can result in an automatic reporting


Just keep this in mind. Sometimes if you spawn in a TFR (That’s what they are called) then you could be warned, but if it it red you need to read it to avoid violations. If it’s orange, then it’s more a FYI. (For Your Information)

Hey everyone!

Unless you’re the pilot or ATC who reported them, please do not comment on this post to avoid confusion.

The controller had been notified, speculation from third-parties is NOT helpful.


Here’s a great tutorial on the big red circle from my mate @DeerCrusher.