Hello Infinite Flight, I would like to report that I was in expert server and on approach to Abu Dhabi, I requested vectors to any runway at the airport. The controller (Prashant D IFATC)told me that due to heavy traffic I could not land at the airport. I asked one more time for vectors and he told me the same thing. About 5 minutes later, a Saudi Arabian requested vectors for the first time for Abu Dhabi as well and the controller told him to expect vectors. I assumed that the traffic was cleared up so I requested vectors again and he then reported and ghosted me.

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I’ll ask @Prashant_Divedi to contact you as you are not the appropriate Trust Level to do so.

If you took off from that airport. That’s why. Atis definitely said “No pattern work aloud” And doing that taking off and then requesting approach, is pattern work. Thus why you weren’t aloud to enter. That’s the only reason why i would see you getting reported. But the controller will message you:)

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You do know that flights between OMDB and OMAA are prohibited, right?

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And that ah i forgot

@Prashant_Divedi Will send you a message to discuss this.