On 7/18/2019, I was at OMAA airport on taxi to runways and had to close the runway, I was given clearance by ATC ground [IFATC-IPP-ESCORT01NL]. While closing the runway, ATC ground [[IFATC-IPP-ESCORT01NL] instructs another aircraft to cross the runway coming directly in my path to continue taxiing. ATC ground [IFATC-IPP-ESCORT01NL] told me to give way to aircraft after I crossed the runway and the aircraft in question was holding short to allow me (767-300) space to continue my taxi. ATC ground [IFATC-IPP-ESCORT01NL] then reported me. I have followed all ATC instructions to the letter and wasn’t given a warning or per-instruction that ATC ground [IFATC-IPP-ESCORT01NL] was going to report me. I have never been reported, What can I do. Can anyone help me?

Hello @Edivan_dcds will contact you as you are a TL0 you can not PM.

Also check out this topic to help.


Also how long ago was this?

You don’t need to constantly put his name down as well:) Once is good as the community regulars usually know who it is right away and a good portion of memebers can find them as well:)

PS: Future reference, just ask the community for the IFATC, Community name, and then they’ll explain everything, it’ll save you time in typing:)

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24 hours ago.


@Sashaz55 I appreciate your time and help on this issue.


Will pm you shortly :)

Thank you, I appreciate your time and consideration.

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I understand, My apologies. I will learn and respect the community standards.

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