@Tim_B you just ghosted me for requesting pushback. I requested pushback before and you told me to hold position so I waited until the plane next to me started to taxi so then i requested it again and you ghosted me for spamming. How is that spamming? At least should have gave me a warning or something. Now I have to wait a week to fly in expert sever because of you and your false report. I want this resolved immediately. I was excited for the Canada FNF and now won’t be able to experience in expert server.

@Tim_B will message you once he’s complete controlling and when he has a moment to do so. But if I may add, generally when a controller tells you to hold position it does not mean "request something" if you see someone else moving or doing something before you. ATC has a plan for these things such as holding you at the gate. Maybe because the ramp was full, or there were a lot of aircraft taxiing or aircraft inbound. But there’s always a justified reason.

A warning for spamming frequency wouldn’t be needed. You’re flying on the expert server now where we’re all expected to follow along real world procedures to a degree. I’m not saying we need to be down to the nitty gritty but in real life, you won’t have pilots contacting ramp control multiple times for pushback when you were denied once solely because you saw the guy next to you moving. Its just not how it works. Need to have patience and have an understanding for what these volunteer controllers are going through.