I was recently reported on the expert server by Trio-IFAE for taxing through others. I was waiting to taxi to RWY 31L and was following an A388 and as I started taxing behind the aircraft a squar/ airplane marker started moving too. I only saw the marker box/squar and was then reported for taxing through others. I also was giving any further instructions before to " Hold posistion" the last one i received was to taxi at own discretion.

Is there any way i can get a pass on this.

Thank you

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Contact @Trio and discus in pm


You know that a plane is inside the box, no? And you have a mini map indicating all traffic around you.

You can PM Trio as suggested, but he’s going to have a replay and or screenshot of you inside a plane. So, that won’t really help, since you obviously didn’t have the same rendering settings.

Since you only had the box, I presume that you don’t have your airplane count very high, or perhaps you don’t have automatically download over cellular checked. If that’s the case, the map should be used to at least have an idea of what’s around you.


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