Hi today I had a flight I set the flight to go to a destination where the tower cleared me to take off , when I took off the tower instructed me to land which was strange then he reported me I would like the team to look into this matter

My aircraft was a 777-300 ER my call sign Was Emirates 790 heavy

I am really shocked image

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PM the contorller who ghosted you…

Go to your logbook and click on the flight to see info on why they ghosted you. Then post it here and we can try and see who it was and get you in contact with them


This doesn’t need to be in #support as this category has to do with technical issues related to infinite flight.

A-fitz- Gerald

@A-FitzGerald is your guy

The reason why failure to meet the separation Yet I saw the aircraft and turned away from it

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PM who i taged to get things sorted…


Yes thank you

Thanks :)