I was reported for interfering with another aircraft when the closest aircraft was YARDS away, I was on expert server and have been reported and ranked down by a moderator! I told my brother who had played Infinite Flight from the start and said I should put it up on the community, does anybody know how to fix this?

Who was your controller?

Check the name in your replays, and if you can’t find them on the IFC, ask here and we’ll find them for you. You can then contact them via PM to discuss your report.


If you look in your logbook at the flight where you were ghosted, it will day the controller’s name. DM them here on the IFC and I’m sure they’ll be happy to explain. If you need help finding them, you can send a screenshot here and we can help you out.


I don’t remember the name was long but I know it was a staff

Indeed @TaipeiGuru , we need to check out who @LilSqueejee ‘s controller was. Try checking it on your replay file.

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Go into your replays and check the name of the controller. This will help us locate the correct person.

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Alright stand by


Tim Beckmann

That’s @Tim_B. Contact him in a PM and he can explain what happened.

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Contact @Tim_B via PM.

@Tim_B is your man. DM to discuss your report.

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You were reported for taking off from the 26s when everyone including pattern traffic was eastbound.

The reason was the closest I had,

Feel free to PM but you will still have been taking off opposite everyone else there.


That was NOT interfering with another aircraft

As I said, the reason given is based only on what I have available.

You may call it whatever you wish.

You departed against the flow of traffic.


@LilSqueejee Dude chill. You made a mistake, don’t resort to insulting people.


That is correct. On radar, “departing wrong runway” is not available.

Call it that if it helps.

Tim is also one of the most experienced members of IFATC, so if I were you, I’d accept the fact that he’s probably right and you made a mistake.

That’s fine, though, you can take a 1 week vacation to practice your skills and then rejoin expert again. :)


There is NO such thing as a WRONG runway

There is when you have 10+ aircraft inbound on the other end of the side you’re trying to take off from…


Try to enter the motorway going against the traffic. And try to explain to the police, that there’s no such thing as WRONG DIRECTION OF TRAVEL ON THE MOTORWAY.