I was just taxiing to parking and accidentally went through another person because their plane wasn’t showing up on my screen. Just a tiny white square. This made it hard to notice them. I was reported not even by ATC, but by the pilot who I went through on accident. I’ve been flying a lot, about 20 hours a day lately, so now that I have to fly on training server for a week has me livid. Is there any way I can undo the report that was for the smallest mistake, that was partially not even my fault?

What was the ATC controllers name? Because you will have to contact them to discuss your concerns. If you don’t know the ATC controllers name please give us the airport that you were at in at approximately what time.

I believe it says “reported by several users” when a moderator reports you. Check your logbook and you should be able to see who reported you, and contact him/her privately

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There was just one report by “OL-SARGE” for “taxiing through others”

Honest question:

How long hav you been using the app?

You know that what’s inside those boxes are always planes, correct?

@OL-SARGE is your guy. Please send him a message explaining your situation good luck also.

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I was your controller I will PM you.

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I’ve been using the app for probably about 5-6 years now. My camera view was at an angle where I could not visibly see the white square.

Ok, thanks!😃

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Ok that’s it everyone nobody needs to tell the OP anything else it’s been taken to a PM.