i got reported because i entered runway without permission and am back level 2 i will not be able to be level 3 again ?

You can access the expert server in one week, I think.

Well, that depends on if you’ve been reported 5 or more times previously.

thats my first time all violations are 1 for

Why would he need to know who reported him? He already knows what he did wrong.

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You can get back to Grade 3 in 1 week… If that was your 5 report you might have to wait pretty long.

Just check how many reports you have.

This is your first report? Then you’ll go back to Grade 3 in a week, and then you can go on Expert Server. Glad to help!

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Oh yep, 1st report.

You’ll enjoy expert soon enough :D

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1 year to be exact…

Look so in a week?


Yes, in a week.

I dont think I could go that long…

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Yes, in one week.

Exactly on week then

It’s pretty sad. Why you have to be careful on Expert Server!

No you can come back to grade 3

they said to pattern work so i asked for take off and crossed the runway :(


And not related to the topic but i found a guy with same profile pic xd

Yep thats me…