Hi! I would like to make a report on IFATC Flying high because he reported me with a reason called ‘Not specified’ and I didn’t do anything wrong with him as I want to climb back to grade three and that’s unfair that he reported me without any reason

Please remove the latest report record.


@anon66442947 is the man.

And, do us all a favor, drop the whole “reported for no reason” act. Absolutely nobody falls for it :)


You can’t report ATC for reporting you. I’m sure their was a reason that you were reported. Work it out with the controller via PM. You are never reported for no reason, you 99% did something wrong so please don’t say you didn’t do anything

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Hello Miro,

Your controller is @anon66442947, please send him a private message to discuss your report, but don’t start your message off with “I didn’t do anything wrong”. Tom is actually one of the most experience IFATC members, so there most likely was a reason here reported you.

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It’s without any reason. I was just acting normal and suddenly I got a report message and I saw him in front of my aircraft and beside his name is called (Mod)

That’s highly unlikely. Work it out with @anon66442947 in PM’s, but he is so good at what he does, their is likely a good reason

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You were reported for landing on 24L. Traffic was using 6 , 5 and 15s. THATS the reason you were reported. So there WAS a reason !


I knew it


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Don’t argue. It’s disrespectful. Atis or not. You got your reason.


It’s actually very valid. It dosent matter if their was ATIS, listen to the active ATC or ⬇️

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Follow the other 8-10 aircraft inbound and in the pattern. Traffic pattern was announced several times


If the active airport is using certain runways, and Tom cleared you for a certain runway, don’t land on a different runway. Common sense.


I saw someone following me so I thought that’s the right runway and you don’t have to report someone while IFATC isn’t on. And why wasn’t any one controlling the Airport?

Surely there had to be IFATC around.

If you were reported, someone was controlling at least one frequency

If someone is following you, that doesn’t make it right. Follow everyone else who was correctly using the rinways


@Miro_Mohamed I have set you up with @anon66442947 via PM. You can talk about this issue in there :)

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What? The controller literally just messaged you letting you know what mistake you made. PM him and he’ll explain it all to you. No reason to make that excuse.

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I think we can just leave this now, thank you @Daniel_Cerritos for bringing this to a PM

They can settle this their

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we need NO other discussions on the matter case closed !!