On the 7th of May 2019, I was in an expert server and was cleared for takeoff from Manila Intr’l airport. When I was rotating the aircraft, the ATC cancelled takeoff clearance. Now, at the time the ATC cancelled the takeoff clearance I was already airborne, this message was shortly followed by a message saying I was reported for “taking off without clearance”. I feel like this is very unfair as I have now been demoted grade and can’t fly in expert level for a week. Surely, the ATC should give notice before taking off for a cancelled takeoff clearance? Does anyone know how I can go about trying to resolve this issue? Thank you, Luke.

Check your logbook and contact whoever ghosted you.


What will I say ? The username is [IFATC-IPP-ESCORT01NL]. How do I get in contact with this user?

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It’s @Edivan_dcds . He has been notified, he’ll Pm you shortly

That would be @Edivan_dcds

Just a heads up; New users can’t PM

I’m sorry, it is my first time using this website. I haven’t got my whereabouts yet…

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I will PM you shortly. I’m still in my flight and about to descend.