The only time when you’re supposed to say “Ready for Takeoff” is when you’re first in line for departure holding short of the runway. And you only say it once. Not twice, not three times. Only time. The controller sees you. The controller knows you are there. But maybe he’s busy with someone else at the moment. You have to wait. There’s no point in repeating your request over and over again.


Thank u for the informations but i was thinking that he forgot me

Trust me 99,9% Of us won´t ´´ forget´´ you.


The controller is tim beckmann

Controller name tim beckmann 😊

@Tim_B is the controller

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Yes he is ,

This has been taken to a pm!!

Thanks all

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Thank you for helping

Go contact @Tim_B for the report
A guide to appealing ghosts


You mean i should go and contact tim??,


@captain_brh Please respond to the pm which you and Tim are both in! so when Tim see’s the pm he can explain what happened


Contact @Tim_B .

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@captain_brh I have made a pm for you two!. Go and explain your issue on there

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Sure but I’m new here what is the PM

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PM = Private Message. The little group chat

You will get a notification of the PM.
Take care✈️

Oh okay i will

Who was the controller?

The Controller

Write a PM

What is a PM?

It’s funny how there are always two or three people replying exactly the same… If something has already been commented, you can just like it to acknowledge it. There is no point in replying the same multiple times. At least it got resolved.