I was flying FNF to Zurich when approach wrongly reported me. He told to go expect runway 32 and gave me headings which I followed. Shortly after, I requested runway 16. From there on, he didn’t give me any more vectors, so I didn’t know what to do. And then I got reported. Here is a screenshot. (My callsign was Swiss 1 heavy) someone help me please. image|800x600

Pm the Controler that ghosted you, when he finishes his session he will explain to you what you did wrong. Who was the controller?

It says Lee. Idk how to pm him

@IFATCLee3440 is the controller. Contact him and he’ll get back to you when he’s finished 🙂

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Okay thanks. And how do I message him? Sorry, I’m new to IF community

How to create a Private Message

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  • Simply click on their name or search for their profile name by utilizing the built in search feature. The search feature can be found at the top right hand corner of the forum, and is depicted as a magnifying glass. See image below:

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If Lee told you to go to 32, then go to 32. Also, try to watch ATIS if you can.

Yeah I did go 32 and then I later asked if I could go 16. I didn’t just go 16 without asking.

Next time just go to 32 because if you ask for another runway it just complicates things even more. Also if ATIS didn’t say 16 was open then don’t go there.

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Okay. And when my controller replies, is he able to do anything other than explain to me what happened? Like, is he able to “un-report” me?

Wait until the controller replies, he’ll able to explain the specific details and talk it through with you 🙂

Your ghost can be removed if there was no need to ghost you. Discuss it with the controller

Okay thanks

Okay thank you