I was reported at YSSY by a player for going onto a runway without permission. Even though I was told to line up and wait on runway 25, which I did. And I did reply and say I was doing exactly that, though I was reported and have been demoted from Grade 3 to 2 and can’t play on expert servers for 7 days, what should I do because I really want to return onto expert servers.

Hey there,
Please contact the ATC that has reported you via PM. I’ll just check which ATC is operating at YSSY currently. Make sure to be nice to each other when dealing with any report issues to the ATC. You may end up in a solution later. :)


When you want to know what’s up with a report, please go to the replay, and look at the controllers name. From there PM (Private Message) them here on the community, they’ll sort everything out for you! Let us know any further questions. 😁

Welcome to this forum. I see you joined this forum after you got reported.

Check your Log in the IF app, find out who reported you and contact the controller via Direct Message. He will reply when he’s available. That’s the procedure.

If you can’t find the controller, let us know his name, and we’ll help you find him for you.

While you’re here, please check the #tutorials and how now, a Report can be avoided in the future.


It’s @Sebastian9915 :)


Wasn’t me either. Look at who reported you in your logbook.

It’s me, I’ll send a Pm shortly


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