I know many people have written on this topic, and I don’t want to add to it, but I have a question. I was flying into FACT (Cape Town) today on expert server while it was very busy. To ensure that I landed properly, I was using the APPR on a South African Airways 737. I was cleared to land so there was no problem. As soon as I touched down, I was given an instruction to go around. I tried to hurry and respond to that message and boost the engines to re-take off. As I was in the process of doing so, the option to respond disappeared and I was reported, all of this taking place in the matter of 10 seconds. Like I said, I’m not trying to complain or add to the masses, but I wonder if there was some way to reverse. I wasn’t deliberately going against what the controller (don’t remember who it was) said; I just was trying to respond but was unable due to controls not working fast enough.


If you know the controller I would recommend contacting them ☺


Check your log book, thanks.


Check your logbook, find the name, then PM them. Do not continue in the public thread as it will not be of any assistance to have people who were not there and can’t do anything about it replying:


Thank you very much