Hi guys, first of all I really do enjoy playing your wonderful game that you guys have created, but I believe that there has been a misunderstanding as today at FALE airport there was an event which at the time I didn’t know about. Anyway as I was trying to find an empty gate to start my flight I had to keep entering and re-entering the game, I do understand that it was a nuisance but my intention was to find an empty gate to not interfere with the event. As a result I have received a report which bans me from the expert server for a week. I have only recently renewed my subscription and I have to wait for a week to play on the expert server. So I ask politely if it’s possible for the report to be removed. Thank you, James.
Controller who reported: Misha Camp
Display name: Captain James IPP
Callsign: Lufthansa Cargo 759 Heavy.a

Lol @MishaCamp what a legend
DM him if you have an issue

He is a Mod tho, so he musta had a good reason


How can I do that?

Im not sure you can at your trust level, Misha will message you when he gets chance.

Misha has been notified and will be reaching out.

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P.s. there is ALWAYS a reason for the report.


As an IFATC controller myself, we always use our best judgement when reporting someone. I was not there for this incident, but just be patient and Misha will get in touch :)


Misha is approaching FACT and it’s very busy right now. Please be patient.

Hang tight 😎

busy busy busy FF Misha