When you get reported for doing what you were supposed to do (ps I’m not going to tell the name of the controller or airport, just because I don’t want to be rude)

Thank me for getting me stuck with a lot of training Server people

Is it some way to delete a report?

Send a DM to the controller in charge and ask why you got reported

Done it alredy, not very happy though, because now I’m stuck in grade 2

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Then there is no reason to make a topic.


What did he say?

This will be handled via PM. Make sure you add a moderator to the PM as well

Waiting for response

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I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else

I don’t think I made it clear, but I am very angry right now

If it happens to anyone else, they will PM the controller

Please calm down, and wait for the controller to respond. Then be th of you can figure the report out. They are probably still controlling

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Do you think it is fun to be ghosted for doing the right thing? No

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Everyone you get ghosted doesn’t mean you make an In unnessacary topic

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I realize your upset, I would be too but getting mad won’t do anything, just let the controller respond and if needed things can be changed.

You have made your point. I understand you are frustrated. I have been in the same position. Please wait for your controller to respond. Marking topics and complaining will get you know where (:


I guess I will have to drop @Brad s event now

@Jens_Severin what exactly were you doing at the time of the ghost?

Entering right downwind
The controller said “enter right downwind”

A ghosting is only 7 days off the server but that is not the point, everyone makes mistakes and if you did happen to make a mistake it’s not terrible as we learn from them and if you didn’t make a mistake things will be handled internally within IFATC.

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What were you reported for?