I have just been reported by ATC on expert in Dubai for spamming AtC when I just requested pushback once and I lost my grade 3 what can I do

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Moderators please can you help

Why would developers help? I think it’s a case for schyllberg or Tyler

The best thing is to pm the ATC or if unable pm the ATC moderator(s).

I hope this mixup is cleared.


Read the original post carefully sir. He only asked once for pushback.

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You can find who Reported you and why, by going into your logbook and check there.

Check your logbook to see who reported you. Then you can create a pm on here and get the controllers side of things. Feel free to add a moderator if you feel you didn’t warrant a ghosting.

Your controller is @EthanT2. PM him about your ghosting and add a moderator if necessary.


He said he got reported for spamming but he said that he only requested pushback.

Yes I requested once

Please contact the controller like you were told! You’re not on your way to getting this worked out unless you do so.

Everyone else needs to stop as you weren’t involved. Let the controller, a mod and this individual handle it.


This has been taken to a PM, no need for any more replies.