I don’t know why i just got reported. I was waiting at EGLC to taxi and the Atc was ignoring me. The taxiway was completely clear and he just ignored me. Then I got reported for spamming frequency.

did you taxi?

Contact the controller.

Please check your logbook and contact the controller directly!

No. He wouldn’t clear me or acknowledge me at all.

did you spam him?

How do I contact the controller?
Sorry idk

He might of just stepped away from the game to go to the bathroom quickly, always be patient with IFATC, they all know what they’re doing

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No, like a message about every two minutes. Was waiting for 15 MINUTES

Via PM. Message him here in the community with display name and callsign, so its easier for him to find you.

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He was contacting everyone else around me, but not me.

Was the runway crowded?

Drop a PM to @MarcusCKJ - he’s your controller