Earlier today, I was reported by Misha Camp for an unspecified reason. I was planning to attend an event on the expert server, but now I can’t. It happened at KSFO just after 11:00 AM PST, my callsign was Alaska 1218.

Could you please PM him if you think that it was not fair. Misha is very experienced so provide as many information as you can.

Tap here to pm him: @MishaCamp

I believe Misha does that for a reason.
Also, @Artem_F is right, PM if you think it was not fair

Their has to be a reason for you being reported, can you tell me what you where doing at the time.

I did, but the event I want to attend is in less than 2 hours, and Misha hasn’t been on for a while, so I don’t know if he will see it, so I made this topic so I can bring it to the attention of the other mods if they can do anything.

I announced on Unicom I was taking off, then I took off.

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Maybe you shouldn’t attend.
Just saying

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Let’s not spam this topic with unnecessary questions. Let them handle it. Thanks!

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Did you announce your takeoff:

  • After the hold sort line

  • Did you say ‘Remaining in the pattern’

  • Was Anyone landing or on the runway at the time

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I did not say remaining in the pattern, I don’t remember if it was before or after the hold short line.

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Well, If your over the hold short line it means that your on the Runway. You would have been reported because of:

  • Inbound Traffic

  • Traffic on Runway

Their might be more reasons, but this is all I can think of for now.

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My device was also laggy at the time.

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Misha is around 👀