I was just reported inbound ksfo topgun is my call sign. Just wanted to know why? I had been handed off by approach and was flying manual on final so a little squirrely. But from the forums I shouldn’t need to announce that I’m on final from a hand off unless there is traffic on the runway. So I didn’t check in until some one behind me got cleared befor me. What gives?

You should have asked for clearance to Tower. Approach only clears you for the ILS Approach but
not clears you to land (It’s the Tower’s job to clear you to land 😉)

Tip : Next time if you haven’t been cleared yet, It would be good if you go around so you won’t interrupt the traffic 😊


Roger that, my mistake, I knew that, dammit.

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Also, if this occurrence happens again with you, please just simply contact the ATC via PM… If you cannot find him on IFC, I’m sure a IFATC Moderator/Recruiter could help :)

It’s okay, everyone make mistakes. The important thing is, You have to learn from your mistakes in the future 😊

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Happened so fast and accidentally popped out of live didn’t catch who it was but good to go.

Learn from your mistakes. Theres a difference between cleared for “Cleard for ILS” and “Cleared to land”. Everytime you switch to tower announce inboud. It is the tower’s job to sequence the landings.

Also next time just contact the controller via pm or one of the IFATC recruiters.


Thanks it Was my fault, all good

Two lessons learnt thanks

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He wasn’t reported by approach. He was reported by the tower

My bad. Thanks for the correction.


All good. Mod please close topic

I think @Reedgreat was controlling at KSFO. Contact him if you have any further questions or issues:)

No, it is @GHamsz as Approach and @cleipelt at tower.

I was there earlier.

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So is a reporting the same as being ghosted?

I will PM you when I’m done controlling. I ghosted you, I’ll explain why.

Ok I’ll sit in my corner lol

Yeah basically.

Also you can get reported by mods and staff member flying in the same server as you.It will count as a ghosting.