Reported without warning

Recently I got reported, as I was flying too fast in a F22 when approaching to MMMX. I was trying to get the plane slower, but then I was too late. The Tower reported me. I know that I was too fast, but shouldn’t I get warned before I get reported?

Can anyone contact me about this please?



Please check your logbook to see who your controller was. If you can‘t find him, just send us the screenshot of the logbook and we may help you with that. Everything related to the ghosting will then be discussed between you and the controller via PM 😊


You should know that is no exception. You need to be 250 knots below 10k FT.

I was about 300 kts. I tried to slow down but then it was too late.

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Just a general rule, you should be below 250 kts in towers airspace. Despite slowing down you still were violating that rule. Before going into towers airspace next time I’d do a 360 which in that time can help slow you down. :)


Wait I’ll send all details after landing. I’m doing a Ryanair flight in the training server. 1 hour left until landing. I’ll get my infos right after landing.

It’s best just not y to I fly a fighter into a busy commercial airport


All I know is that my callsign was “Air Force (random number)”.

Even I got ghosted once without getting warned, i also want that to be disputed if someone could help me out as well, thanks

Same as above. Check your logbook for the controller (although if it was more than a week ago, the chances are very low that you’ll be able to successfully appeal it).

That was long back, that time i wasnt even on IFC so didnt know where to ask for help, if someone could help me please that would be great, I was on final and the ATC didnt say “CLEAR TO LAND” so i was telling him that i am on final, and next thing i know is that i am ghosted please help

You can contact @Tim_B if you really want to dispute it, but considering that it occurred in August, I personally wouldn’t bother. Next time, try to get in contact within a week of the ghost. :)

Contact a mod with a controller in the private message.

how to do that?

Go to your profile, messages, and then new message.

Your ghost has already expired given that it was a month ago. It won’t be removed from your record.

Controllers reserve the right to ghost instantly if absolutely necessary in certain situations. Fighters hurtling into manned airspace at high speeds knowingly can be one of those.


but since i wasnt even on IFC that time, what to do now?

Nothing. Learn from your mistakes to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.


I came to know about IFC long after that incident, please help, i really appriciate you guys’ helpingme

But as I am saying, he never said clear to land, so what to do???