Reported without any warning

@Tim_B reported me just 10

min ago without a reason. He wrote „spamming frequency“ thats wrong and I want an apolgy and the remove of that report. I will send the Video with a link in the next 10 minutes. There was nearly no traffic at the time and I asked again gor an approach into Milan. Then he teported me. I pay a lot of Money every month but not for ridiculous people like him. Thank you! Such an irritating evening…I‘m grade 4 with over 600 landings and not a kid that makes weird things on the server.

@Tim_B will send you a message when he has a moment to do so. Spamming the frequency should be one of those things that you simply don’t do. If you don’t get a response back in say 5 minutes then you’re safe to send another request so long as you haven’t received a response back.

If; however, you were told to do something and/or denied your request, only to ask for the same thing again, that’s spamming. Once a denial is issued of some sort, you don’t ask for it again. But he’ll gladly explain the situation to you via PM.