reported need help?

hi guys,

been a while since ive been on here not sure how things operate anymore

was reported by ghamsz unfortunately - for spamming frequency which i think he may have done accidentally

also seems the atc chat freezes after being ghosted/reported? so i wasn’t able to take any screenshots of the mere 2 messages i did send… anybody able to help/guide me in the right direction?


Hey, your controller is @GHamsz, he will be in contact with you shortly

hey thanks for the prompt reply! do i wait for him to contact me now then, is the that new way to resolve these things?

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And about the ATC chat freezing, I have never heard about that. Maybe contact support!

Yes, he has been notified as I have @ his name, he will PM you

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yeah the headphone icon greyed out and i couldn’t click on it anymore - assumed it was the result of being ghosted?

Or that could have been the sign that you have lost internet connection

it was definitely a result of the reporting, im sure of it! :)

Ok, just wait patiently for your controller to contact you!


Well, normally it would show a pop up saying that you had been ghosted. So it sounds unlikely. Do you have a screenshot?

Hi all… the controller has been notified. The controller is the only one who can provide clarity on this situation. If you’re not the pilot or controller, please do not comment on this topic to avoid confusion/speculation/misinformation.


Yeah i got a pop up with the red triangle from what i remember. No i didn’t take a screenshot as at the time i didn’t think i had anything to screenshot since the atc chatter wasn’t coming up. The headphone icon was definitely greyed out and wouldn’t open anything when clicked on.

The situation was I took off from Stansted (i think haha)… ATC was active at another airport but my aircraft was too large for them… so i tuned into essex approach ( i think -.-) and asked for approach back to stansted… was told airport wasn’t accepting traffic at the current time so changed my flight plan to gatwick and asked for radar vectors so i could be sent off in that direction avoiding any traffic around me… was ghosted for spamming frequency as a result

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Strange, could have been a misreport. Seeing as it most likely was a ghosting as from how it sounds, I would contact the ATC controller and talk with them. If it was a false report, talk to staff (Most likely @Tyler_Shelton). As @tomthetank has already said, the controller has been contacted and should respond soon.

Sorry for tagging you Tyler

yeah was pretty busy up there thought he may have got confused between pilots or something… he will have a record of the atc chatter im assuming?

ill just wait till somebody gets in contact… hopefully won’t be too long. been off the game around a year and just got back on, some cool new features for sure!

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I do not know how IFATC rolls, but I assume there will be some kind of ghost report.

Please refer to toms post. Contact the controller (who has been tagged above) and move on.


i contact controller or controller will contact me as he’s been tagged and made aware?

… then i can move on :)

If you’re able to PM, send him a kindly worded PM.

If you’re not, then just wait. He will see the notification and PM you :)


Thanks tom, appreciate your help buddy

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As with all ghosting inquiries this will be handled via PM