Reported mistakenly

I was requesting for pushback for manila ground after pushback clearance i ask for taxiing runway 13 manila and they gave clearance but for runway 31 so i followed then when i was on near runway 31 this IFATC reported me for entering runway without permission since i was going to attempt to call manila tower for take clearance heres the name of the controller i hope how it feels to you if you are at my side if we reverse the situation nowadays what just i observe some ATC have no reason to report with something has mistakenly done

@Georgios_P Will contact you via PM and you two can sort it out. :)


Or you could just send him a PM right now, 🤷🏼‍♂️ Why wait?

He already contacted me. I‘ll talk to him


Well this can be closed then.

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I’m very sure that [IFATC] they will not report anyone unless there is an explicit reason behind it.

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