Reported LIMC

Last call sign: Alitalia 7 2 5
Server: expert
Area: Milan

Not sure if this is in the right category, however I just got reported while on approach to Milan Malpensa. I received a notification from Milano Approach to contact them, however they were not part of my ATC options. Below is the ATC frequencies that were available to be shortly before.
How can this be resolved?

Please contact @Tim_B, as he was/is the approach controller at the time.

This issue was brought up in the IFATC Slack. Tim was most likely there one who ghosted him as he was trying to vector him in.


Any way this can be undone, as there was no Milano approach ATC option for me and had there been I would have obviously contacted them?

For next time, please review this page when it comes to appealing ghosts.