Reported, grade down

So I had an issue just now, I was on arrival into KLAX and tuned into Approach, asked for approach rwy 24L and ATC instructed me to maintain FL160 & to turn right heading 260. I was already below FL160 because my descend rate was pretty fast, so I asked for FL150 and immediately got the message to follow instructions or I would be reported. I thought that was weird because I’ve done that before and ATC would simply tell me to either descend and maintain FL150, or climb and maintain FL160, I’m ok if I was in the wrong here. Everything went normal and I just followed the instructions he gave me, until my wifi was down, I was offine so I did not get any ATC messages, I’m guessing he gave me instructions during that time so I simply didn’t get it, when I was back online I immediately got reported and I’m just not sure why. I’m awaiting his replay, I get he’s busy, but I’d like to know some of y’alls opinions.

Contact your controller, which is in the replay. If you would like it to be appealed, contact @appeals


If you’re in contact with the controller. You guys should keep handling it in a pm. No need to make it public as our views would only be speculation


I’m not, not yet. But like I said, I just want to know some of the opinions on here on what I said, I know it is speculation but I guess you’re not allowed to ask?

The only productive conversation will come from discussion between you and the controller, as they are the only one with full knowledge of the situation. Other opinions will just lead to confusion on all sides.

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