Reported / Ghosted

I have looked over previous posts about PM’ing the ATC who reported me but when I type the ATC’s name it does not show up. Can anyone help me?

I was handed off from Approach to Sydney Unicom, tower I guess went down. Shortly thereafter, I realized that there wasn’t enough separation between the plane in front of me, I checked the radar which didn’t have any one inbound and switched over to 16L instead of 16R for ILS. I announced it on the unicom. Everything went smooth up until about 1,000 ft up from the runway I kept getting the message to contact tower. Every time, I went to contact tower BUT did not have ANY ability to. So thinking it may have been a software bug, I went back to Approach to see if they could hand me off to the tower. Instead of getting the hand off, I was ghosted for interfering with other aircraft.



Can someone help me?

@Chris_Hoover is the guy! Send him a PM!

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Thank you very much!

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Not a problem, glad I could help!

Hey Jackson,

Just from the screenshot I can see that what you’re saying is true as I’ve experienced this issue myself. With that said, I have reversed the ghosting. This issue is known and will be checked during our beta testing to ensure that we don’t have this any further. I know its bothersome, but we appreciate you coming forward with the screenshot that you provided. Its quite helpful and makes this process that much easier to deal with. Thanks for the understanding and apologies for the troublesome.



Not a problem! I knew as soon as the message came up the second time something was wrong and knew someone would probably ghost me. Hence why I took the screenshot. THANK YOU!

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Not a problem. Have a great day!

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