Reported for What?

I was flying at cruising altitude on the advanced server in the Caribbean, happily going about my business. When suddenly I was reported for misbehavior??? And now I’m ghosted and Grade 2. For what?? and whom reported me…? seems an explanation would only be fair… @Heavydriver took off ahead of me.
Not happy.

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How fast were you flying?

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Above 10,000 ft?

Yes. This is weird. I was ghosted long before for a similar thing … This is beginning to become a problem …

@Heavydriver ghosted your for going 680 GS. See this for more details.


I just started a thread a moment ago concerning same topic. Seems a little transparency and/or justification for being reported is in order. Wouldn’t be happy either!

You were going well over the 550kts speed restriction put in place several days ago.

If you have any further questions please contact the controller or ATC moderator via DM.