Reported for taxi without permission?

Once I landed at USSR I requested to taxi to parking. The controller accepted my request and told me to go to parking which I replied to. Once I got onto the taxi way, I was reported for taxiing without permission when I had clearly just requested to go to parking and locked out of the “expert” side of the game. Why did this happen? Either they reported me for the fun of it or I don’t understand what “taxi to parking” means. Controller was @Declan_O . I am by no means new to this game. I have been using Infinite Flight for years, way back before Global when you could just fly in certain regions. I am just very confused as to why I was reported for doing exactly as I was told.


Go to your logbook, tap the report log, and see the controller who reported you. Since you are new to the community, he will message you.

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@Declan_O Can you please message this pilot? Callsign was N436VF.
Occurred at 6/15/2019 3:14:33 AM

Thank you!