Reported for Takeoff w/o Permission bc of a Connection issue

I was in expert server and I was having connection issues. I wasn’t moving from my screen but obviously was from the controllers screen. I was demoted to grade 2 bc of it. Is there anyway Is there any way I can get the report taken off my acccount? Username is JBR409 in IF

Try to message the controller

You should message the controller.

@Jshnlsn, He can’t message himself.🤣@JBR409 , what airport were you at, when, and can you give the username of the controller?


It was me. PM me. Will Get back to you when I’m done controlling


@mac104 or @JBR409, make sure to include a moderator to discuss about removing the report.

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@mac104 Please PM the user and add myself or another mod if needed as JBR409 cannot start PM’s due to trust level. Thanks.