Reported for not following correct “inbound procedures” on final to YSSY

I was flying a BA 773 from Canberra to Sydney. I tuned into YSSY approach and was directed towards runway 34R. I did a go around after being cleared to land by YSSY tower and made a right. I tuned back to YSSY approach and requested the flight following to YSSY as I just made a go-around. I was instructed and followed the correct directions. I was directed towards runway 25 this time at YSSY. Once established on the localizer, i contacted the tower for clearance. Then, IFAE9 LeoHund reported me for incorrect inbound procedures. I followed Approach’s directions but was reported by the tower. I think there’s a miscommunication here. I’m now downgraded back to grade 2 which is really annoying. I want to prove myself that i was not in the wrong. I know mistakes happen so i want to resolve this unless I actually did do something wrong. Help

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@Lars When you get a free moment, can you please message this individual? Thanks