Reported for not descending below terrain

This has happened once or twice to me. I have been on final at somewhere like kai tak, and let’s say the mountain at that location goes to 3,000ft, I am told to descend to 2,500 feet and after responding to the duplicate message with unable I was ghosted. Can anyone fix this ?

Also, sorry if this is wrong as I am new. Please tell me how to fix it for next time !

Who was your controller? You can see it in your replay file.

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Hey there mate!

It would make it much easier to take a look at your problem by providing a screenshot of the ghosting.

Make sure to check your logbook for the controllers’ name so we can help you contact him.


This was like months ago !

If this was months ago then there is nothing we can do. You don’t buy a piece of fruit and then complain 6 months later when it goes rotten.

IFATC sometimes make mistakes, and if this happens please contact them ASAP after and it can be resolved.