Reported for no reason

Hi I was on Expert Server last week taking off from London City airport, I was ascending and I got reported for no reason; I wasn’t over speeding nor was doing anything inappropriate while flying. Do you need my callsign to do further investigation with?

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Check the logbook and see who reported you


i think its high time report should be open discussed in forums such as this. Admin keen to close them down. Why don’t we have some responsibility and accountability for ATC. They do a great job but it is definitely a one way system. I believe discussion between everyone will increase standards of servers, piloting as well as the benefits ATC will receive also. Feel free to share any thoughts/opinions as this could be a good discussion point

They are closing them because the situation is being resolved in a DM, not the topic.


The reason is because in 99% of the cases, the ones discussing it besides the controller and the pilot are not aware of the circumstances surrounding the report which only leads up to noise and a non productive discussion. Your suggestion have already been tried many times before and always ends up the same :)


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