Reported for No Reason

I was flying in Denver and I was reported for no clear reason. Does anyone know the controller Flying Kiwis? I cannot fly for another whole year in the expert server because it exceeded my number of reportings in a year to fly in grade 3, as I am now in grade 2.


What is your current callsign and display name?


My callsign currently is Speedbird 801. I am flying a British a320 from ReykjavĂ­k to London. Also, my display name is Rushil Johal.

Give me a few moments to look into this. Thanks for the patience

Hi again,

After looking into this a little deeper it appears your last ghosting was 4/13/2019 with the attached reason of “Interfering with another aircraft”. Unfortunately we cannot deal with reports older than 7 days. If you were reported within the last 7 days, please let myself or another mod know, but I do not see any recent reportings on your account. Hope this clarifies what you might be seeing.


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No problem, take your time.