Reported for no reason

This just happened today on expert. I had just landed and Tower switched me off to ground. I contacted ground and I was holding short of a runway waiting to cross. But at this point I hadn’t requested taxi to parking, so I requested taxi to parking and he cleared me, but since I was at a runway crossing I wanted to be safe and made sure that I was cleared to cross the runway. So I requested to cross the runway and he told me I was already cleared to cross the runway. So I started crossing and then he reported me for taxiing without permission. Like what? Lol. Didn’t really make sense to me at all. Now I can’t fly on expert for a whole week, and I definitely don’t wanna be on the training or casual server lol. If any way possible, could you please reverse this? Really wanna get back to flying on the expert server.


You need to contact the IFATC directly through DM, a topic won’t help 🙂


Please personally PM that controller and sort things out.

Check your pilot logbook. The name of the controller will show up. Tell us the name, and we will be able to let you know who he is.

Indeed, please do what @AlphaSeven just said. Well done on giving us a detailed description of what happened though?

Please do as stated earlier, then we can give you contact with your controller, if not we can’t help you.

Remember ghosting is not a punishment, it is to make you learn, and learning is happening on training

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Okay…we are at the quota.

No more “contact the controller” messages necessary


Well, my message was this:

As that seems quite forgotten in ghosting topics

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I found all the name of the possible controllers you had!

Ive given you the names bellow to make you’re life easier and as said multiple times above follow those steps!

@ Leonard.Brownies

@ art_martinez

@ Tim_B

@ Matt777

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Wasn’t me, based on the description


Remember: an IFATC can’t report you for no reason. (Unless its accidental)

They should get back to you soon if you find out who it is.

Ok, the name of the controller is: IFATC SwedishFlyer.

I’ve contacted @SwedishFlyer, he will contact you as soon as possible

@Nathan_Atlas I’ll contact you privately, mods may close this now.