Reported for no reason

Hey , I was at the gate and wanted to puschback ,there was no ground atc just a tower so I started pushing back suddently I got reported for pushing back without clearance … Now I can’t play on expert for one week …

So when was this at? Also check your logbook to see who ghosted you


What was your callsign/display name?

@DenverChris Is this one another one?

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Contact the controller who reported you. Go to your log book to see the controller.

@DeerCrusher - yes, probably same issue re. app versioning.

Which airport were you at @Leo2? Can you confirm the controller name (me)?

Hi Chris , yes that was you . I also text you on Instagram

Alright Leo. I’ll get this reversed.

Atc was Denver Chris
Call sign BUTTER1
Display name IF LEO official

Yes, I did ghost you. It turns out it was unwarranted - so sorry!

There was an issue between the old and new version of the app which was released a few hours back. When I started controlling everything was working well but then we started having issues with pilots contacting approach. Initially we thought it was limited to approach frequencies but I heard about ten minutes later that I was not showing up as available on ground for some pilots from another controller.

It was not apparent this was happening because I had quite a few other AC on my ground freq at that point and new pilots were still contacting me.

Sorry again for the hassle!



Perfect. Thanks for this info. I was able to get your report reversed. If you’re still having issues getting onto the Expert Server, restart the app and try logging onto the Expert Server. Apologies for the confusion and hassle. See DenverChris’ explanation as to why this occurred.

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Thank you very much

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