Reported for no reason

Hello, i was flying in a 172 at South Florida on the expert server. I was waiting for a plane to exit the runway before take off. When they exited the runway i announced take, off got to about 1500ft. then i was reported. Why?

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Do you have any screenshots? Who was controlling the airport?

Please check this topic for further detail.

No i dont and no one was controlling the airspace

Contact @Mark_Denton for Information.

Were you using the active side of the runway?

What can Mark Denton do?

Stop speculating and let him contact mark.


You took off whilst I was still on the runway. What on earth do you expect will happen? Gold falling from the sky? A thousand puppies in your room?


10/10: “Reported for nothing” = “Reported for something


“But Tyler it was my mum’s sisters roommate’s brother’s pet giraffe Gerald who borrowed my account, not me”