Reported for no reason on TS1

I’m not sure when or what server it happened on.

I was trying to get into expert server today and just realized it.

Could have happened between 21.08.16 1200Z - 22.08.16 1200Z.

Call signs Airforce 1984 or Lufthansa 1984. I do not recall seeing an alert about the ghosting and I was with ATC from departure VFR during FPL and IFR ATC when landing and ground when taxiing. I’d love to know what I did.

Can you be ghosted on the training servers?

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Yes it’s possible to get ghosted on the Training Servers but please follow these guidelines if you can about your ghosting…

Hello :)
If you can’t access the Expert server right now it’s because of this:

You can’t be ghosted on the training servers unless three players reported you for inappropriate behavior.

To found out why you were ghosted I suggest you to check my topic:

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@Blizzard I reviewed that post before I made mine and provided the information I know.

@Adrien I meet the new requirements it’s due to a ghosting I don’t understand.

It is what it is I suppose.

I think it happened on the training server 1… There’s so much shenanigans on those servers I don’t doubt I was flagged for no reason x3… Ugh.

Holy cow, I read my ratings screen wrong. No ghosting a and yes I do NOT meet the new xp minimum for grade 3. I’m at 29,000 xp… Sorry sorry my bad my bad.

How embarrassing. I’ll review more closely next time. image

Yeah the same thing happened to a lot of people.

50k seems a bit steep. Should be a mixture of hours landings and xp. I do not enjoy the training servers.